Build feature rich, corporate line of business Web 2.0 database applications without writing any source code, and slash your development costs by up to 100 per cent.

    Protonomy generates content rich, database integrated, virtual Web applications online, in real time, as and when they are requested, in less than one second.   

    You can define new pages and edit existing pages online, instantly, from anywhere, at any time.

    No development or coding is required
    No actual pages are created
    Nothing needs to be deployed to the Web server

    And because Protonomy is integrated with CSS, you have total control over the layout and visual appearance of your pages.


    How long does it take to design, build and display a complex corporate Web application page, from scratch, that does all of these things?

    Implement complex, multi-layered user security
    Connect across networks to multiple protected corporate databases
    Add all user controls and objects for all functionality
    Add all navigation, content, links, and background processes
    Add data selection, data editing, and data saving functionality
    Implement complex business rules
    Provide detailed user logging and auditing
    Manage Session state, including data volatility
    Link to the appropriate CSS files for corporate presentation
    Build and add slider controls
    Select and add all content required
    Add all necessary Javascript
    Select the appropriate data from tables containing millions of rows
    Display the appropriate data in a pleasing, Web 2.0 data format
    Allow for user data maintenance
    Add all integrity checking and data validation
    Preserve and save the data edited
    Redisplay the selected data to reflect the changes
    Provide links to hundreds of other pages


    0.012 seconds

    Yes, that is 12/1000 of one second


    No Development Is Required

    No source code is required.
    No markup is needed.
    No actual page creation is required.
    There is absolutely nothing to deploy.

    Database Integration

    Create selectable database queries and updatable data maintenance screens, without needing any knowledge of database programming, or Web development, whatsoever. 

    Online Page And Content Management

    Creating and editing virtual Web pages, with rich content, or selectable and updatable database data from any network database,is as simple as editing a Word document.

    Complete CSS Integration

    Protonomy is fully integrated with CSS.

    This gives you complete and total control over the visual layout and appearance of all pages on the site.

    Leverage your existing investment in CSS design files.

    Easily integrate Protonomy with Wordpress and other industry standard CSS designs.

    General Features

    Protonomy provides a number of features as standard, including:

    Advanced user security options
    Automated search pages
    Integration with Excel
    PDF Report production
    Automated page printing
    Automatic site maps
    Automatic comprehensive search functionality
    Rich SMTP mail interface

    and many more features....

    Technical Features

    For experienced developers, who care about such things, Protonomy provides advanced technical features including:

    Cross browser compatibility
    Advanced Session management
    Advanced exception handling
    Built in advanced reporting tools
    Support for HTTPS security
    Built-in encryption capability
    Comprehensive technical logs
    Office Interoperability Integration
    Rich SMTP mail integration

    and many other technical features....

    How Protonomy Works

    Protonomy definition screens and tools are used to define Web application pages.

    Protonomy uses these tools to store internal data - including content - that represents all of the information required to build pages dynamically when they are actually requested (or posted back) by the end user.

    Whenever a user requests or posts back a page, IIS loads the appropriate blank page and Protonomy dynamically does the rest.

    Protonomy automatically takes care of postback data, viewstate, links, user security and access restrictions, session management, performance maximisation, exception management, technical logging, security trails and many other important background tasks.

    Depending on the nature of the page being requested or posted back, Protonomy can execute more than 400 operations required to build the page, in less than one second.